Youth (U12-15)

youth conditioning program

Throughout our youth programs we take biological age, training age, movement capabilities and the long term into consideration.

As youth players go through their growth spurts we understand the importance of providing them with the confidence to feel comfortable in their body as it develops.

Improving athletically on the football pitch is a given as the player will improve their movement efficiency through learning the foundations of speed, strength, mobility and power, which support the technical and tactical side of the game.

However, we place a huge emphasis on education in movement, mindset, nutrition and recovery.

The goal is instilling the foundations of both health and performance so they have the best chance of succeeding in the remainder of their sporting career.

Classes run during term time in ten-week blocks, you can train once per week ($250/10 sessions) or twice per week ($500/20 sessions).

Places are extremely limited.

Choose your preferred day below (second day can be added in registration)

Monday | Wednesday

Event Hours(2)

  • Monday

    16.30 – 17.30

    10-week program

  • Wednesday

    16.30 – 17.30

    10-week program

Conditioning Classes

We operate out of a modern studio which has some of the world’s best quality training equipment.


Our team of full time coaches have over a decade of experience in the sport, health & fitness industry. They’ve worked over three continents with males, females, youth, athletes and sports teams.


When it comes to knowledge, we believe practice trumps theory, but just in case, our staff also decided to get university degrees, some professional accreditations and still dedicate much of their spare time to upskilling learning from the world’s best.